Space contaning spaces

Helene Andersson 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 4 weeks ago 6

It would be nice to have the possibility to use spaces in several levels. One space could include spaces in itself. That would be useful in cases where one campaign include several sub-campaigns. 
For Husqvarna Group who are working with a lot of brands and different product groups this would help to make a nice first impression of DAM and it would give the user a nice overview with a limited number of spaces. Today we are making spaces for all sub-campaigns and we are ending up with a large number of spaces. 

Home Page Content Grouping

This one is great for BI too, we have had quite a lot of feedback on this one to facilitate organisation of our assets

this would be a great functionality for our team too

HQV - adding tag in order to find "our" tickets in an easy way 

Hi Petra

Any indication when this functionality will be implemented?