Allow ADDITION of 'Aprimo DAM Assets' from the Activity level

Diana Fournier 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated by Bridget Pounsberry 2 weeks ago 2

I thought we had written this up previously but I cannot find the topic to amend, so will add another one.  This is critical for our workflow as Project Coordinators often upload forgotten documents manually on-prem and then attach them to a review task manually.  This may sound like an edge case, but it happens daily in our business as we have more than 1100 projects in flight at a time.

We definitively need the ability to:

1) Add an 'Aprimo DAM Asset' at the ACTIVITY level with a 'New' button - just like regular Activity Attachments - and to specify an Attachment Type ("Main asset" "Concept" etc. whatever we have in our Attachment System Types) 

2) We need the ability SEE the Attachment Types in that 'Aprimo DAM Asset' grid (display the column and allow us the ability to EDIT the attachment type here as there is nowhere else to do that in the system)

I agree, this is an important feature for project coordinators to have since those users are constantly adding additional attachments during projects. 

Critical at Arthrex