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Allow ADDITION of 'Aprimo DAM Assets' from the Activity level

Diana Fournier 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 13

I thought we had written this up previously but I cannot find the topic to amend, so will add another one.  This is critical for our workflow as Project Coordinators often upload forgotten documents manually on-prem and then attach them to a review task manually.  This may sound like an edge case, but it happens daily in our business as we have more than 1100 projects in flight at a time.

We definitively need the ability to:

1) Add an 'Aprimo DAM Asset' at the ACTIVITY level with a 'New' button - just like regular Activity Attachments - and to specify an Attachment Type ("Main asset" "Concept" etc. whatever we have in our Attachment System Types) 

2) We need the ability SEE the Attachment Types in that 'Aprimo DAM Asset' grid (display the column and allow us the ability to EDIT the attachment type here as there is nowhere else to do that in the system)

Thank you, Rachel, that's awesome news! 

The ability to change an existing asset's asset type is currently in development and it looks like it will be released in early Q3. We're currently planning for July.

The development for the ability to add a associate a new asset to an activity (either by associating an existing asset in the DAM or a new asset from the user's local drive) should start later this month and right now we're targeting a Q3 release. As I get more info about the timing, I can give a more exact estimate.

Hi Rachel, do we have any updates on this? I see from your last comment it was planned for the end of July. Thanks! Bridget

Hi Bridget, 

We do believe that the ability to change the asset type of an existing asset will be released in August. That work is mostly done.

As far as the ability to add a new asset to the Aprimo DAM asset Activity list page, we will start development later this month. Once we get into it a bit further, we'll have a more exact date for when this will release. If I had to guess, I would say late Q3/early Q4.

Hi Rachel, this also includes the ability to delete the attachment if a user uploads the incorrect one? If so would that get released in late Q3/4 with the ability to add a new asset to the Aprimo DAM asset Activity list page?

Hi Bridget, those are 2 different work streams that we're working on simultaneously. The good news is that one won't need to wait for the other to finish before we release. 

In the scenario where a user accidentally uploads the wrong asset, we're going to allow the project manager to go to the closed task, and delete (remove the association) working/review assets on a closed task which is currently not allowed. At the same time as that, we are working on the ability to delete a locked asset from DAM in the Asset UI. This will require a special delete right in order to complete. This latter delete option should be used by someone with knowledge because if you delete the asset directly from DAM using the domain right, it is not removing the locks in the project. Therefore, the project will have problems and all auditing will be removed from the project if it's still an active project. If the project is closed and you delete the asset from the DAM, since the project is not active, it will not necessarily cause problems for any users actively assigned tasks, but that auditing will still be removed.

In your scenario, a user accidentally uploaded the wrong asset in task 1 and closed the task, the best course of action would be for the project manager to go remove the asset from the closed task. Then if you want that asset out of the DAM completely, you could go delete the asset. Since you manually removed that lock from the project, there will be no problems inside the active project going forward.

For your info, there is another phase of asset delete of locked assets that will take place in DAM UI. This phase will follow later and there is not yet a timeline associated with that, but we wanted to provide some option for users if an asset was uploaded that absolutely cannot be housed in the DAM.

So the timelines we're currently looking at (not yet set in stone):

 - Change asset type of existing asset on Aprimo DAM Asset list page (August)

- Add new Asset to an activity on the Aprimo DAM Asset list page (late Q3/early Q4)

- Remove association of working/review asset in a closed task (September)

- Delete a locked asset from DAM using a domain right (early Q4)

Hi Eric, hate to nag but we are getting a lot of pressure from our project management team on this one since the workaround requires the support team each time.  Do we have a rough idea when this may be accommodated?  Thank you!  Diana


Wanted to follow up on this one with a few more questions/comments.

1) When you add this file it would be placed in the same default classification as if it were uploaded from Workflow

2) I assume you would still want the option also browse the DAM and associate an existing record

3) The user would be able to set the type for the asset

Last, I would like to just add a point of clarification for others that might read this Idea.

Diana, you keep speaking about "Attachment Type" but just want to clarify that in this case what is really being discussed is the "Asset Type" which is a completely separate system type in Aprimo that is configured for typing and flowing assets through the workflow.  That would be the type field the user would set, etc.

Regarding the editing of the type field after the file has been added, can you give use cases for this?  I assume this is to correct a "oops" still by an end user?  The reason I ask is because changing this could have ripples or negative impacts.  IF for example, you change the type of an asset from "Concept to Main Asset".  If that asset when of type Concept has shown up on a review and been annotations/voted on etc, if you change that type to Main Asset and that type was not configured to show on that review, if you go back and look at that review again the file will just be missing now, it will seems to have disappeared.  Just want to confirm that everyone understand that and knows the impacts of making type changes to records that are already in the workflow.  I am guessing the need for this is again to fix an "oops" like the designer had two different document types to upload and they accidentally put one in the wrong location so it got typed wrong on upload and the PM needs to fix that?

Hi Eric,

Do you know when this enhancement will be roadmapped?

Thank you!


Hi Eric,

1) Yes!

2) Maybe, but not critical for us

3) Yes! - either modify an existing asset's type or set a type when uploading a new asset

I mean the System Type "Digital Assets" in SaaS.

Yes it is ok that if they remove it that the annotations/votes would go with the removal.  We would control that with a business process.  And since it's just an 'oops' by the end user, we wouldn't have votes/annotations yet because the Project Coordinator would get their task and fix it first - so it even shows up on a subsequent review. 

Thank you!!


I agree, this is an important feature for project coordinators to have since those users are constantly adding additional attachments during projects. 

Critical at Arthrex