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Audit Trail Report for Records

Bridget Pounsberry 2 weeks ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 5 days ago 2

We would like the ability to use the stored values of fields within the DAM in a record audit trail report. We have created a custom report to track specific fields from records but the report only shows the new value of the field. For this report we would like to leverage the stored value database so we can view to the historic values of the field as well. For example, if a specific record changed from Version A to Version B we would like to view both values within our report. This type of report would be ideal for our catalogers to view overall changes of records. It would also give them an easy way to view field changes for specific records without them having to go to each specific record to view the changes on each logged field.

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We are currently working on making the audit trail for DAM records available through the DAM UI. Here you will be able to see the value changes on specific fields over time through a filterable UI. This is not through a report. Can you explain how you see this in a report? A report of all changes on all records sounds as it would be un-oversee-able. 

Agree completely.  Also important for us as a Validated client that for auditing research purposes we can track who changed validated values from A to B and when.