New Consumer UI - Tiles link to external site

Rachel 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by christopher.fredrickson 5 months ago 6

Because users of the DAM often have access to other platforms, we would like the ability to provide a more connected experience.  

Would it be possible to create a tile in the new UI that hyperlink out to the webpage with a url we provide? (instead of only having the ability to direct to a space/collection)

Home Page Content Grouping

We have the same need.  We would like to have a top level space link outside of Aprimo DAM.  For example, we have a User Experience Survey the lives in am internal Microsoft Form page.  Right now, we are forced to put this at the bottom of our navigation bar,  which is hidden and not a good experience. 

Nav Survey.psd

Hi Petra, 

Do we have any eta on this feature?  


This would be very interesting for us as well as we would like to have something like an editorial frontpage.