Enable Built in Actions New UI Basket

Greg 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Gerda Oppewal 3 months ago 6

I believe this is already on the roadmap, but without it we are unable to make use of the New UI.  We do not want to begin trend of creating temporary solves through custom integrations.  Without being able to perform actions on groups of assets we have no way to make use of the New UI. 

Rules / Actions

This is this in DAM release 140

We are currently working on adding configurable download actions to the basket in new UI. Will this cover your need? If not, what actions were you looking for?

Hi Petra,

It's great to know this is progress!  As for covering my needs, it depends on the scope of configurable actions that are being added.  I know for my user base, the biggest gap is the ability to share assets in bulk to external partners.  They currently use the Share email download link in Asset Studio, but enabling that link to generate directly in the UI is the ideal.

From an admin standpoint, my biggest use case would be the ability to group these assets together for Reporting/metadata analysis purposes.  For the same use case I am huge advocate for List Search functionality covered in another Voice request.