Feedback: New Field Restyling - Activity Page Formating

Alex Gregorio 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 4 months ago 3

With new field restyling enabled, there is a misalignment within the "System Information" section of the page, which I believe is a base field that contains only one piece of information. This seem to be misaligned, the header is on the left and the field is on the right. Users who have reviewed with new field restyling have called this out as a bug.  

In PM release 119, you will now see Last Modified date appear on the left hand side of the screen under System Information. Users who have the Cell Matrix Locked field (which is the empty space in the screen shot above) will see it in the right hand column under System Information.


There is another field that will display in that location but it is only shown if you are using a certain feature.  I agree that when that field is missing that alignment looks odd.  I think we should flip the order of the two fields so that the option field is on the right side so when it is missing it will look better.