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Support classification fields in the report

philippe.fonteyn 8 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 1 month ago 2

Ability to add classification field on the classification report like we can do for the record.

Currently, we are able to change the dam settings .reportingSchemas by adding extras columns on the classification  that will contain field data like this

<column columnName="xxxxx" isPrimaryKey="False" isFilter="False" type="FieldSchemaColumn" fieldName="bi_activeForBrands" languageName="English (US English)" isIndex="False" />

In aprimo mo, we see well the extra column on the report object.

When we run the report the new columns are always empty.
It looks that the data of the classification field are not transferred to Aprimo MO!

In Review

Hi Philippe, Kerry, to be clear here - is this a classification list custom field you are looking to get populated for reporting or the direct classifications for a record?

This is particularly important for BI where attributes of the Agency are required for reporting and currently there is no way at all of extracting this data to MO