Keep Aprimo Help up to date with new features explained

Brian 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rob Tuffly 8 months ago 1

I have had a few customers with this question so I decided it would be a useful item to post in VOICE.  Aprimo Help should continue to be updated to reflect feature changes & updates in each release. Without proper help documentation it is sometimes difficult to determine if something is functioning as designed or is a bug. It also causes confusion to users & admins when new features, fields, etc. just show up on a screen. Not all customers have Concierge Services so Help is a necessary component to being able to understand what is in the system and when there are delays in help being updated, or it being updated at all, many customers will submit Customer Support cases as well thereby increasing that volume.

Here are some examples:

  • There is a new Extended Attribute field “Scrub this Attribute during DataSource Refresh” and this is not reflected in Help. As an Admin I should be able to search Aprimo Help to find out what that is.
  • The Rights Reference is not up to date and contains rights that do not exist and excludes information about some of the current domain rights. Keeping this up to date is important in general but particularly important for customers who utilize the Security Admin functionality.
  • If a page or function may be impacted by a feature flag, this should be documented on the context-specific page to describe how the FF may change the functionality or link to the FF page. One example is the FF Simple Task Defaults. If this is enabled, some of the users’ pages are impacted, however this is not indicated in the context-specific pages.

I agree! Help content should always be current. It helps admins do their job more efficiently and it helps reduce our volume by sending users to the help topics they're inquiring about.