Remove/Hide "Vote Comments" field

Alex Gregorio 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated 5 months ago 4

Our process is to have users annotate anytime they want to see changes to a piece that is being routed for approvals. At the task level, we'd like to remove the ability for reviewers to "approve" and then add comments that can be missed/overlooked.

At Franklin Templeton, our reviewers often add a comment on an Approved task, and we were having the same issue of it being missed/overlooked by the Activity Owner since it would automatically move onto the next review.  We implemented a notification on approved reviews back to the Activity Owner that shows the comments.  Yes, it is an additional notification for us, but it ensures the comments aren't missed.  So we would prefer to keep the vote comments on an approvals or any other votes for that matter.  A System Parameter would work best for us.  


Do you never use this feature or only in some cases?  You mentioned being able to remove this at the Task level but that would be a lot of work.  You would need to update every workflow.

If this was a system parameter instead "Allow Review Comments, Yes/No" would that work?  Or maybe it is a Domain Right that a user needs to have in order to do it?

We only utilize this in one of our review steps, which is why we were thinking of removing at the task level as opposed to an all or nothing situation. A domain right approach may work!