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Ability to identify if a classification has any assets And know how many records are contained in the classification

Greg 8 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by petra.tant 8 months ago 2

This capability will serve very well for both reporting and governance capabilities.  I listed three specific use cases I have been working through that I believe this will solve, though I'm sure there are others.

Combined with Date references this could be used to track activity in Key Classifications as a metric to show DAM activity growing as well as audit when activity seems to be straying from expectations.

It would also serve well to keeping environments clean by identifying classifications existing without assets for a certain period of time so you could configure a rule to delete over whatever threshold you decide.

It will also be great for more static reporting to show your distributions/concentrations of assets in your DAM on a cadenced basis to help you understand where your biggest needs are in terms of DAM service.

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In Review

I'm moving this to the reporting section.