Add an action that in one click will generate a link that will download whatever assets you currently have selected

Greg 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 5

I just discovered a previous Voice request for this use case that was rejected due to lack of clarity.  I believe this is a very important use case as the current functionality in assets is time consuming, and there is no way to share a group of Assets in the New UI.

Existing functionality: In assets, you can select a number of assets across multiple classifications that you would like to share. Once you have your selection, there are two ways to generate a direct download link that anyone can use to download the assets.

1. Share email with download link: This works but, the time used to fill this out plus the delay for the email to generate does end up derailing some work.

2. Order email download link: This process ends up being more clicks, but actually will generate the download link in the UI itself after completing the order. We use this in assets now because it is faster, but the extra clicks still deters users.

Requested Functionality: Allow a configurable Basket action in the New UI that will generate a link to download all assets existing in your basket. I understand right now basket actions all have to be made custom. If this will not work, but there is another way to execute this functionality, it would be a Huge win.

Orders / Sharing

I thought the main issue was there was no basket action yet for emailing a download link, and that is planned as we're bringing back planned by e.o. May.

Reading this again i think I misinterpreted the request and the ask is more about how you are receiving the download link. I think you want to copy the download link immediately without going through the order/download page or the e-mail action.

The system actually has to process the order to be able to provide the download link. This is an asynchronous request which will take time. So providing the download link immediately to the user, to copy it, is difficult. So i'll change the status to shelved as this functionality is currently not planned.


We will add e-mail download link to DAM UI as configurable action.