Rule condition OnMasterFileChange

Jake Vandevyvere 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 7


Similar to the trigger for default value calculations, it would be very useful to have a rule condition 'OnMasterFileChange'. This would be very useful in the following situation:

    master file has changed
    (Re)create renditions

Rules / Actions

We're doing some voice cleaning. Jake, is this still an issue, or do you have a solution with our FPO rendition mechanism we released earlier this year?

Both new versions or promoting other files to master file could be used to change the master file on an asset, the former being the most likely.

In Review

Can you specify which actions are being performed which cause the master file to change: upload new version, change field value, promoting other file to master, ...

We want to recreate the FPO renditions when the master file of an asset is changed. These low-res renditions are used with the CC connector.

In Review

What is the use case you are trying to implement?