Password Criteria

Adam Henderson 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated 3 months ago 4

When a user resets their password there is no clue as to the password criteria they should meet. We would like to see the option to display the criteria that we have set in system preferences. Currently users have to guess if they need an upper case, symbol etc and guessing the criteria and getting it wrong a few times is not a good experience for uses and wastes time. 


This make sense to me.  Ideally it would have a better on page status indicator just as your typing that would be red until you match the requirements and then it goes green. Something like that.

However, the majority of our SaaS customers actually configure SSO for logins which then removes this need all together.  Is that an option for you?

Hi Eric, we do use SSO it's a version that we built ourselves and it's still to be integrated into chrome. That would help with the issue once it's integrated but we also have a number of third parties that don't use SSO but are using aprimo so a simple statement on the password reset screen would save time and prevent a lot of queries.

I like the red to green status idea but only in addition to a short paragraph explaining the criteria, otherwise users would still be left guessing.   

We're seeing some more complaints about this issue. 

this is a user experience issue