Make Page Hook a required field in Task Inbox

Karthik Balakrishnan 8 months ago in Productivity Management 0

Use Case: Citi is looking to build an Aprimo hosted Customer Specific page that will generated after clicking a Page Hook in the Task Inbox. This Customer Specific page will contain data that needs to be populated for the request to continue. Currently, there is no way to require that the page hook on the task was clicked and the data on the customer specific page was complete.

Enhancement Request: The need here is to have the ability to make the page hook link required on the task inbox and ensure required fields on the customer specific page are complete before the task can be closed.

History: We explored the option to build in additional downstream tasks to review if the customer specific data was complete. This was not an acceptable solution. The need is to guarantee this data is complete on the task where the page hook for the customer specific page exists.