Add Feature Flag in System Parameters

Rob Tuffly 8 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Mike Lewis 8 months ago 7

As customers, we don't line of sight to which Feature Flags are enabled or disabled in a given environment. This requires us to go to our CSPs or Customer Support to enable or disable flags -- or just to understand which flags are enabled and available.

This would save a lot of time and remove risk when we need to quickly turn on/off a feature flag. This will also save time after PROD to SB refreshes.

Agreed!  We often go to our CSP for statuses, but I feel like this should be available within the Administration menu for us to check ourselves.

It would definitely help customers if they are able to enable disable individual feature flags. However if enabling/disabling is not possible or not suggested to be managed by customers, atleast we should be able to view the status of all available feature flags

I believe the true win would be maybe a new tab on system parameters that would list all the feature flags and have a checkbox where they were enabled that could be toggled on or off by the customers


Given the nature of feature flags I would suggest a tab within licence management available to set System Administrators with all applicable audit trails of feature flag enablement/changes.

I can envisage a number of Feature Flags being deemed safe/appropriate enough for client enablement, there will always be some that I believe would need CSPs/Customer Support to help enable, as some could need additional initial configuration etc.