A rule that would automatically delete "Orphaned" classification that has been "Empty" for a designated number of days.

Kaine Nicolas 8 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Peter Scoins (SBD) 7 months ago 3

Create a rule that says if Classifications have been "Empty" for a designated number of days the classification should be deleted. This rule would act as a maintenance check to ensure "Orphaned" Classifications will automatically be deleted keeping our environment clean.

I was going to create a new ticket but  I will update my business case here instead.

Business case from SBD :

You may have an integration with an external system (such as a PIM)  where partial taxonomy information from that system is 'recreated' with the DAM - such as  product category information - to enable better searching inside the DAM (think of these classifications forming parts of facets that users use to locate groups of assets)

As these are automatically created by the integration - If the Product Categories change in the PIM and is later reflected in the DAM data model, it may leave redundant classifications and areas of the taxonomy, which could be automatically cleaned up in this case.


Rejected because this ticket does not describe a business use case. Please enter a new request describing the business needs rather than a technical solution.