File Upload for external partners with terms and conditions before use

Rachel 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 months ago 3

We would like a page (could be the same as the current uploads page) that external partners can "drop off" items for internal usage.  

(For example: Our tournaments take photos at their event.  We would like an easy way they can drop those files off for us to use, save, and distribute with our DAM)

We would need, for this to work, a pop up terms and conditions that individuals would need to accept before they are allowed to upload items.  (These terms are usually related to rights granting)

Ingestion / Upload

A couple of questions to understand your use case better:

1. Would this page be just a drop off point (drag & drop and done)? 

2. Would this page need to ask the user to complete some metadata on the files they are dropping of?

3. Would you need just one drop off point or do you have different audiences contributing different items which would require a different set of metadata or which would require a different processing once dropped off?