Honor parent/child relationship when required parent field is set to empty or value is changed

Joe Cerep 1 month ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 1 month ago 1

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Please see attached video. 

We are experiencing a change in functionality that began when the "This field is required. Input Error" messaging was added to the Task Inbox. This issue is regarding cascading DCTs with parent/child relationships. When a required parent field (1) has a value entered, a required child field (2) is triggered. If the required child field (2) has a value entered, another required child field (3) is displayed. At this point, field (2) is unable to be set to empty, even if the value for parent field (1) is updated and field (2) should no longer be displayed.

The request is to have parent/child relationships honored in the task inbox at all times. If the value that triggers a child field is not present in the parent field, the child field would not be displayed. Ticket CS0026742 was closed and we were referred to submit a Voice request.

I completely agree this is a major issue and needs to be fixed.