Set priority for maintenance jobs created from rule actions

Graham C Hilliard 9 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Peter Scoins (SBD) 8 months ago 3


100% Agreed. Upvoted.

SBD has also seen this with some of our customization and rules.

We would also find this useful for our custom bulk ordering and export mechanisms - so we schedule them to occur without affecting our regular end users orders.

Managed to create this without adding details...

When creating a Rule Action with delayed execution I want to be able to set the priority
By priority default to Medium which means it can get blocked by other jobs in the queue
This is especially important when there are large background jobs as these will have minimum priority of Medium

Cataloging jobs such as Preview creation can also be affected in this way.again these default to Medium

Another option would be to have Low priority,so that large background jobs can be set to Low, thus unblocking the queue for Medium priority jobs