Document layout page on auto close tasks

Zack Davis 9 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 2 months ago 4

Request: The ability to configure the document layout section on auto close tasks. Currently, once Auto Close is set to Yes, the document layout tab disappears.

Use Case: (Workflow template points to DAM) Users upload a number of assets, each using a different digital asset type, at the beginning stages of the workflow. Later, a task is configured to pass metadata from the workflow to a DAM asset. This task is set to auto close. Metadata from the auto close task will be mapped to the asset(s) that displayed on the predecessor user task. In scenarios where the predecessor user task surfaces an asset that does not need to be stamped with metadata, a new user task needs to be created containing only the assets that need to be stamped. If the auto close tasks had a configurable document layout section, they could be utilized to pass metadata seamlessly without a user task as a predecessor.

This is scheduled to be in PM release 123.

Going forward users will be able to configure auto close tasks to pass DAM digital asset types through. Then you could do metadata updates on different asset types using auto close tasks and not needing to assign a task to a person. There is a bit more information about the feature in the Help documentation located here: https://help.aprimo.com/#Marketing_Operations_Help/workflow_admin/workflow_designer_concepts.html?Highlight=auto%20close in the Document Layout section.