Integrated help cards for new features

Kerry 9 months ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Karthik Balakrishnan 9 months ago 2

As a user I need to easily identify new features and how to use them within the system so that I can maximise utilisation of the system. This is especially important with the introduction and gradual improvements of the new DAM UI.

As is:

Users navigate to the user guide

Users review release notes

Users receive internal communicators

Help and Knowledge Base maintained by librarians

To be:

Similar to MS Outlook online, I find their "whats new" section extremely user friendly.  It consists of cards, which upon "hover" show a small simplified video with instruction. The user also has the option to "Try it" where they are directed to the functionality.  

Documentation / Help

it will be helpful if we have the same in Aprimo Application also.