Projects - we would like to have a comment box to provide a reason for project cancellation

Antoni 9 months ago in System Administration updated by Joe Cerep 9 months ago 2

We would like to have a comment box which will show after an admin will click on cancel on the level of the project.

We found profitable to have a possibility to be prompted with a pop-up comment box, which will show up after canceling a project, to provide a cancellation reason.

This would facilitate the monitoring of all changes done within a platform.

I fully agree that this would be a beneficial enhancement. Our process is to either cancel a Project through a Yes/No Cancel field in a task, which triggers a required text field that is sent as a notification to the requester and is used for monitoring/audits, or to add a comment to the Notes section of the Project any time the Cancel button on the project level is utilized.

Yes, Agree on this.
we can pop-up mandatory comment box, when user manually cancel or close the project in project details screen.