please improve the Aprimo documentation

Karthik Balakrishnan 9 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 8 months ago 3

Please improve below documentations


* Post and Put calls request body information.

* current documentation page simply have resource url information nothing more than that.


* OAuth process


Aprimo New navigation 

Aprimo have lot of Date fields in through out the application.Help page don't have explanation for all date fields. 


Hi Karthik, I moved this from productivity management to the integrations and connectors section of voice.

For the REST API:

Generally speaking it can be challenging or more confusing to provide POST and PUT bodies as every customer may have different looking requests based on system type configuration, EA configuration, and license configuration. As such, what we generally recommend is to issue a GET for a record as a good idea to see what the body needs to look like to set a record a certain way. This coupled with the /api/object/metadata routes should give the information needed for most common CRUD operations.

There is a challenge with more complex objects or operations, or objects that enact different business logic based on states (for example, financial objects and tasks). For routes that go beyond just basic CRUD operations, we try to have a companion article on the developers site that goes into more detail with examples. 

If there are specific API use cases you know you are going to need to use and need additional documentation on for specific routes, please post what those are. We can add additional detail in the companion articles when the GET/metadata routes do not contain the information you need or are unclear.

Report API:

We can add documentation for OAuth 2.0 support to the developers site. We had been holding off as the DAM does not yet support tokens for the OAuth 2.0 flows, but that is coming later this year.

Page Hook:

I'm not sure I follow this one - can you elaborate? https://developers.aprimo.com/marketing-operations/ui-extensibility/ lists the extensible points including the more unique System Tools selection now. 

Date Fields:

Can you elaborate on what you're looking for here, or give an example of what's unclear?

Thanks Tarun.

Date Fields:

I mentioned Date fields as example.

1. In system tools -> Integration -> Registration -> New

all of  a sudden new field came up, not mentioned in release  and not mentioned in Aprimo help page.

2. we are seeing new field in all EA pages while create/Edit and view "Scrub this Attribute during DataSource Refresh" , o result in help page.

3. Overall ask is, when you add new feature/feature flag. we are looking a help document. Now we(customer) or Customer Service not able to distinguish, what happening is a bug or working as design. Lot of back and forth conversation going in between CSP, CS and Customer. 

Page Hook

I asked you a question, two weeks before where I can see System Tools page and what are the page hooks available.

Ddo we have these information in help?

#1 - Agreed, this should be documented. I will be adding documentation of the new fields to the authentication article on developers.aprimo.com within the next week. 

#2 - Please work with your CSP on this, I am not familiar with this functionality. 

#3 - The feature flags are documented here: https://help.aprimo.com/#Marketing_Operations_Help/aprimo_saas_info/aprimo_saas_info_feature_flags.html . If there is still confusion there, please work with your CSP to relay that or create a separate voice request about feature flags - this is a different documentation area than API documentation.

Page Hook

Yes, this has been documented in the UI extensibility article on developers.aprimo.com: https://developers.aprimo.com/marketing-operations/ui-extensibility/