Anonymous User

Monika Pickard 9 months ago in System Administration 0

Can you add onto the token that has been generated for anonymous user? Our process flow brings individuals in through a intake process in Sharepoint, once questions are answered they would click on the Anonymous User link. It takes them from our Sharepoint site to Aprimo. They then have to select Create New/select the work request we have 2 currently, looking at 3 in the future. It would be a better end user experience if we could add onto the url the specific form(work request that they selected in Sharepoint. Example: Our Aononymous user token is - https://grainger.aprimo.com/Aprimo/workrequests/a8f964b3fa514bc3bc2d39210bbb1cb8

If we could add AssetPull - which is one of our work requests, or GISALLChannelsARF which is another work request. Also is there anyway of adding information to the Header of the page that end users are taken to once they click on the Anonymous User link?