Ability to report on collections

Joris Wynendaele [Aprimo] 9 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by christopher.fredrickson 7 months ago 5

As an administrator, I would like to be able to get reports on collections. At a minimum, I would like to be able to get a list of name, created by, created on, modified by, modified on, number of assets included

Reporting / Analytics Content Grouping

I have a need for this as well.  I just spoke with Jenelle Kueter (from Aprimo) and she asked me to enter a voice ticket.  Since this was already open, we would like to be able to report on the following.  

  • Name of Collection
  • Number of assets in Collection
  • Owner/Creator of Collection

Having this information will help us audit the many collections that are in the system, specifically the ones with very low record counts

Also important for BI, especially for housekeeping.

This is a very helpful use case as we consider the maintenance and usability of group collections.  Without an easy way to consolidate information for distribution to our users, it is difficult to communicate what collections really need to be retired and which are still active.  With this functionality we can cut down a large amount of confusion when trying to use, revisit, and properly share collections for efficiency of use.