New Page Hooks Required

Ken Hill 10 months ago in Integrations / Connectors updated by Tarun Chawla 10 months ago 10

The PNC Team is currently using Page Hooks and Registrations to redirect our users to an On Premise Upload Page.  The Redirect also sends the relevant Object ID for the Page Hook.  This is done to ensure SPII Data is not stored at rest in the Cloud.

Given this solution model, we are in need of some new Page Hooks to control this upload process in our Aprimo Instance.

New Page Hooks Needed:

  1. My Reviews
  2. Proposal Template
  3. Program
  4. Program Proposal
  5. Activity Proposal

PNC would also like a Page Hook for Attachments as well.

Noted, thanks for the update.

Behalf of Citi
I like this Idea, but we may need page hooks in different pages than mentioned above.


Karthik, please supply the specific pages you'd like pagehooks on. 

We would like to have one in Report list page for external reports.

By this we can use Authentication code to authorize the users.

May be this is a question. I have seen page hook option for System Tools. I created one to test, But I am not able to see page hook button in any of the System Tools Page.

Karthik, the System Tools pagehook will add another navigation item under system tools. You will most likely have to log out and in to see it after creation. Once you re-log in, navigate to Administration->System Tools->Other Links and you should see it there. Noted on report list ask - to confirm, this would be for Insights->Reports (the end user reports page), not Administration->Insights Administration->Report Maintenance, correct?


It will be good, if we have help documentations for these.

Karthik, for adding external reports, URL reports support pagehook authorization functionality. You can find documentation here on this: https://developers.aprimo.com/marketing-operations/ui-extensibility/#module5 - I think this should do the job of allowing external reports to appear in the report list. Let me know if there's a gap.