Add an OR operator in the report criteria

Liz Guzman 10 months ago in Insights / Reporting updated by Tarun Chawla 4 months ago 2

It would be helpful to include an OR operator in the report criteria as this allows for more flexibility.   For example, we have a Department field and a 'Partnering Department' field and if someone's department is selected in either of these fields, they need to show up on the report.   We either have to have a CUSTOM SQL view or have a third EA 'Reporting Department' that is updated via the workflow.  (We have 15 Departments, so this is a bit of work to maintain).


Hi all, we investigated this change and unfortunately we do not have room for this on our roadmap. In general we are trending in the direction of wanting to support integrations with industry-standard reporting tools rather than trying to compete with and provide like-for-like functionality with dedicated BI platforms. Liz, as you stated, this is possible with some workarounds or additional effort with SQL views, and if anyone needs assistance in solving a need here please reach out to your account manager to put you in touch with our reporting experts or a partner that can help.

Behalf of Citi
we are looking for this option from long time back. It will be great if we have this.