Ability to lock an asset when associated to a project to prevent deletion

Richard Heynes 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Rachel Phillips 7 months ago 3

It would be very useful if we could lockdown an asset that has been associated with a project to prevent it from being deleted. An asset should never be deleted if it is actively involved with an in process project as this could cause issues further down the process. There may be special cases required where an asset may actually need to be removed but this should be kept to limited access.

The first version of this will be released with PM release 112. With this first phase we will be preventing the deletion of any asset used in a workflow (or other integration). If the user uploads an asset through the workflow, finds it was the wrong one, and then removes that association the user can then delete again.

In Progress

This work is already in progress.  Estimated to release in late Q1 2020.