Please make the Desktop Connector optional

Diana Fournier 9 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 9 months ago 2

Our users do not have permissions to install applications so when check-out prompts them to install the Desktop Connector they are completely stuck.

Request a way to turn this off so the old way of checking out is possible (just a download, no Desktop Connector).

This will be next to impossible to support from a desktop perspective for thousands of users on various platforms across the globe.

UX Configuration Versioning

In Aprimo SAAS you cannot check out a file without the desktop connector. You can disable the desktop connector,  but then the check-out button will still be visible and the user gets a message that the desktop connector license is missing.

One option could be to hide the check-out button if desktop connector is disabled. Then the users would need to use download and add version to deliver their new work.

The other option is that we would bring back the old way of checking out but I would like to see how many companies will vote for this.