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Add Hover Text on Attachments to Display Attachment Data

Rob Tuffly 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Michael Higgins 7 months ago 5

Anthem Medicare can have 1 to 50 attachments on a task. Clicking into each attachment to find the version comments, document type, version number, etc. is time consuming and causes user abrasion. Adding hover text that displays this info will significantly increase efficiency.

In Review

We have recently added the version comments to the "list" grid view of the attachments.  If the user switches their document view to the list they would now seem them in that grid.

When a user clicks on the first attachment they open the carousel window and from their they can click the arrow to move to the next document and all those details are shown below each file.

Can you help me understand the need/use case for seeing the attachment type on the document thumbnail?  Or would you want the thumbnails grouped by document type? 

Grouping the attachments by type would be helpful.  The issue that we are having is the attachments of all types are features with the same priority at the top of the task and users are having difficulty focusing on the most actionable attachments.  Attachment type is a very important concept in a workflow.  Over the course of a workflow, we have end with up to 10 different types flowing through together.  For the occasional user, clicking into the carousel is not necessarily intuitive so it would greatly improve UX to display attachment type at the top level without requiring clicking

Excellent suggestions by Rob and Mike!

I would like if attachment type and version info were displayed on the top level nav without needing to hover