Ability to show more than 12 facets

Flemming Petersen 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Ulrik Rindal 9 months ago 3

Aprimo DAM automatically limits the amount of facets on a page to 12. However we see a need to use more than 12 facets.
Is this something that could be changed in the near future?


Aprimo DAM currently has a limitation to use 12 facets + 1 classification facet + 1 search within (text) facet per search request (read page). So you can configure more facets and use more facets, the limitation is per page.

This limitation has been set out of performance reasons and also user experience. If you are showing 12+2 filters on one page, the question is if the user will still scroll down to use these filters. So it is always worth evaluating the user experience of the filters and your data modelling when you reach that limit. Our Aprimo service team can also advise on this.

A facet is actually a way to make the search query in the background more specific, and each additional facet exponentially makes your search more complex, hence potentially less performant. So it is a trade of on both usability and performance.

In case you do have a need to increase the number of facets per page, Aprimo can accommodate this. As this does impact the search infrastructure on your SAAS Cloud, this is offered as an additional subscription. Please contact your CSD in case this is of interest..

Hi Petra,

Thank you for the comprehensive explenation. We will evaluate internally and look at the different options.

Br Ulrik