Classify Assets Uploaded via a Task to DAM, by Type when loading to DAM.

Tom Delanoue 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Alyssa T. 7 months ago 3
Chanel would like the ability to set one or more Document Type upload through a real parameter in Workflow designer enabling the WF administrator to map MP Document Type and a DAM classification value just like it was in WF Designer for DAL when promoting assets. (and handling multiple Document Type uploads from a task without adding custom DAM scripts for classifications update

Chanel have several key business cases for this - for example:
A user may need to  upload a video & an image at the same time on the same task, based on current functionality they would end up in the same classification in DAM.


What is the main reason for classifying different document types in different classifications. Is this related to trying to 'type' the asset on the DAM side? For instance making sure that video document type is typed as something like 'commercial video' in the DAM and the image is typed as 'product picture'?

Chanel have explored several workarounds - such

1)as adding additional Steps/task to workflows (one per type)/ and/or autoclose tasks.

However we feel that this makes the WF design overly complex, and increases the maintenance.

2) Adding  complex rules which declassify assets based on asset file name pattern.  

This works - but relies  too much on users using the right file name on the task.

Longer term, Chanel prefer to see a solution for that does not impact the end user experience (e.g by adding additional tasks, or by relying on complex data entry mechanisms)

As we have many creative users (not technical) who want to complete the task & move forward quickly, we feel as solution which allows each document type to transfer to an appropriate classification in the DAM.