Attachment Versions Comments Don't Display in Task Inbox

Rob Tuffly 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 7 months ago 5

Attachment Version Comments in Legacy Nav showed the comments in the parenthesis after the attachment. In Inbox, the user needs to select each attachment to see the comments. This creates extra work on the user to open each attachment to ensure they are working with the latest version. For tasks with multiple attachments, the additional work creates user abrasion and impacts project timelines. Aprimo's internal tracking number for this issue is VSTS 218446.

We, at Franklin Templeton, agree since the default view is Grid View, this needs to be visible there


With PM release 112, Version comments will appear in the list view of the attachments section in task inbox. Grid view is the default, but if you switch to list view you will see the version comments there.

True but by default since it opens in Grid View - it would be nice if the bottom where it shows the title it also displayed the version comments. The same information should be visible no matter the view. My vote to add this to grid view!