Conditional Expression

christopher.fredrickson 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 10 months ago 2

We have a multi select Campaign Field in the DAM.  

We are currently reviewing changes that will add Level 2 and Level 3 fields under the Level 1 Campaign Field.  But, not all Level 1 Campaigns will have a L2 and L3.  

A condition expression, would allow certain Campaign values to remain multi-select (with L2 and L3) and other campaign values to be single select (only L1).  Is this functionality possible?  Or on roadmap for future release?


If I understand you correctly I think there is a way to configure this use case today using classification list fields. Can you check this with your services contact? In case your use case cannot be covered, please re-enter a voice request concentrating on the business case you are trying to cover.