Remove an attachment from a project

Trista Oliva 2 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Kylie Turnauer 2 weeks ago 2

I have heard several cases where there is a need to remove an attachment from a workflow/project to improve speed to market and support a more agile approach. Scenario: a project kicks off and say, 3 pieces of creative are uploaded for review using document level voting. In one of the review cycles, a reviewer says yes to 2 but rejects the third and in fact the changes they need will take longer than the current sprint. The need is to drop that creative off of the workflow so the process can continue and the doc in question can be worked on in a future sprint. But once you start with document level voting, you cannot separate the path of the documents.

One idea is to create another vote option that would effectively drop the document from review consideration and from the process -- if this vote is selected, the system would only use the votes on other documents to determine the next path. For subsequent tasks that are using "show documents from previous steps", the 'removed' document is excluded from the process. 

We get the request to remove creative that hasn't been approved quite often from our design team.  Instead they have to put a "fake" document over the ones that aren't moving forward, in order to move them through the process.  Not super efficient or clean!  I am sure Lindsey Cooper can provide more info!

This would be helpful for Barclays for better control of what creatives are actually approved/approved with changes although some of the creatives may not be fully approved.