In New Navigation: Add Task Inbox icon to Quick Links menu for Contributor Users similar to Full users

Christine Mellick 10 months ago in Navigation and Home Page updated 7 months ago 5

To facilitate ease of training, it would be helpful if Contributor users had the same quick link icon on their dashboard to show the Task Inbox as Full users.  This way we could streamline creating the same training guides/videos for both user types on how to access the Task Inbox.

Consistency of training but also ease of use (people generally like icons better than textual menu entries to click on.

Would be nice I guess to have it customizable, but not critical from our perspective.  But not having an icon just because of user license seems like a miss.    Consistency between Contributor and Full is definitely a good thing!

Consistency of training is our main goal.  For this ask, we don't need our users to configure their own quick links.  We'd like this to be consistent for all our user types.


Is the main desire here for consistency of training?  The reason I ask is because we are considering allow each user to configure/set their own items as quick links.  If your main role is finance maybe you want to have the Invoice Approval page as a quick link instead of one of the other options we have by default.

When we do this it would also make sense to make the default quick link options the same for both full and contributors for consistency and make the way you change them consistent for both user types as well.

Highly agree with Diana on the Work Requests icon.

Please also include the Work Requests icon as well as the Task Inbox icon that Christine requested above.  If all 5 icons matched Full users we could share trainings and materials for all users.