Activity links on assets

Elaine Smith 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Eric Teitsma 10 months ago 3

It would be useful to have links to the activity (or activities) in MO from the DAM asset record.  This would allow users who are viewing the asset to go back and check the activity details to find who was involved in previous reviews, annotations on drafts and to see other attachments which may be required for further reviews.


It is on our roadmap to add a "Usage Details" section to a DAM records.  In this section it would list out all the other product areas where the asset is used which would include Activities and Projects with links to back to those objects from there.  This work is planned in 1H2020 right now.

Just adding some context Gerda.  This has been requested by a couple of  FS customers who are joint users of DAM & PM 0 -and who have compliance related WF approval processes behind a significant number of their Assets. 

While  these customers appreciate that not every asset will have an originating Activity  (i.e. assets may be loaded/ingested by other means, or may rightly exist in the DAM outside the compliance WF approval process) - none the less - where Assets do have an originating Activity, it is useful capability to be able to link back to the originating Activity directly from a hyperlink on the asset.