Enterprise Search Improvement in Aprimo DAM

Gareth Bennie 2 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 2 weeks ago 4

At Prudential, we use Enterprise Search for impact assessments. We will carry out a search on a phrase such as "10 Fenchurch Avenue". We will then remove this from the latest version of our literature in the DAM. Once this has been completed, we run the search term again to see if the phrase has been successfully removed from all assets. However, because Enterprise search finds content in previous versions, we cant accurately track this. There needs to be a way we can focus the search on the latest versions of assets in the DAM only. Otherwise, Prudential cant carry out accurate impact assessments.


We are the same and it would be extremely useful as well as save lots of time if the system were able to do this.  Organisational, regulatory and legislative changes happen frequently in financial services so any method of being able to update and track asset changes efficiently is vital.