Option to remove chat board icon from main navigation column

Jake Vandevyvere 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated 7 months ago 2

It would be very useful if the chat board icon could be removed from the main navigation column, so that the only way to access chat boards for contributor users would be through the task inbox. This could be governed through a system parameter.


What is the use case for this?  If you look at most of the other Ideas on Chat they are all focused on making it easier to see all chats and access all chats from various locations.  What behavior are you trying prevent by this setting?  Or is it more just to simplify user training?  Because if you remove the master access button then a user can ONLY participate in Chat if they have a Task.  So if they had a task early in a project, add chats, close the task and folks reply to their chat, they would have to navigate back to the closed task and I am not sure if you can even add new chats on a closed task.

The idea is to only give access to contributor users when they have a task assigned to them. They would still be able to access chat boards for closed tasks by searching for closed tasks directly in the task inbox.