Search Trimmed Clips - Consumer UI

Rachel 11 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated 11 months ago 3

I would like to be able to search my trimmed clips.  

For example, if I have a handful of clips named, "Medical timeout" I would like to be able to search and display them together (or at least display the videos that contain trimmed clips named "Medical timeout" in one search result) 

Content Types / Metadata Search

That sounds great! It would be ideal if we could add a couple of tags, but having the ability to search on at least the title would be very helpful.  



We see more and more use cases come up which would require trims and clips to become their own content items. So we will probably need to change the way we model these items i.o. using additional files, use real content items with relationships. When we do switch this, we will try to provide an upgrade mechanism for the existing trims and clips.