Task Inbox: Displays old task information even when no task is selected or even available. It should be blank if no task is selected.

Glenn Hom 11 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Christine Mellick 11 months ago 3

As you can see below, old task information displays even when user has no tasks. This problem creates even more confusion when users have additional tasks, but they're seeing old data in the center and left panels. The center and left panels should be blank when no task is selected. This issue is related to another "shelved" post complaining that when you finish a task, the window automatically switches to the next task, creating more confusion for the unsuspecting user. When you finish a task, it should not jump to another task. The center and right panels should be blank until you select a task.

A few of our users have seen this as well and I have experienced it myself.  

In addition, we have seen where in the Assigned & In Process queue a Closed task status still present in the Assigned & In Process queue.  This is in the "Known Issues" by Aprimo.

Interesting. Thanks for the reply, Joe.

A couple of our users have reported this as well and I have seen this happen to multiple users firsthand. To elaborate on the scenario, a user will close a task, have 0 in process tasks assigned to them, and still see the most recent task they closed in their Inbox. Logging out and logging back in has been a successful workaround for us.

I believe this is a bug vs. expected behavior because I have closed hundreds of tasks myself for testing purposes and have never been impacted. In general, I've found that infrequent users run into issues like this, as well as general system slowness, more often than users who are in the system frequently.