Configure landing page for Consumer users to DAM UI

peter.kloren 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by Rachel Phillips 6 months ago 8

When Consumer type users are logging on to Aprimo DAM, they are redirected to Assets.

Please setup a configuration setting to allow changing the default page to be the  New UI (DAM UI).

Home Page Configuration

A fourth Preferred Landing Page option has been added with PM release 115. The new option is called 'DAM UI' and will take users directly to the DAM UI rather than being redirected to Assets.

This will appear on the My Preferences page and inside the user record.

WTA would also like this.  I have had a handful of users with error messages because we don't allow them access to the asset studio.  

This is something Husqvarna really would like to see in place before our planned go-live in January 2020


Hi Peter, setting up the landing page to new DAM UI is planned.

You can setup an HTML widget in DAM to automatically redirect users to New UI as soon as the login.