Adding Admin Messages to DAM

laura.patterson 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by nicholas_a_fournier 10 months ago 3

A recent update on the MO side allows admins to create messages for users that display on the home page. Can a similar function be added to DAM? Use case would be to notify users of a change or update to the site, new content available, new features available etc.

Home Page Configuration Notifications

It would be fantastic to have a clickable announcements banner, similar to when new releases are announced in the Marketing operations suite. So, a user can click through each slide and see image examples of new releases or videos. There would be two options to choose from on the landing page banner when it displays an announcement, either "Show Me" - this would direct the user to a video or the page where the feature is released. Or, "Got It" so that the user doesn't have to view the release demonstration if they don't want to. 


The workaround you could use today is to configure a banner on the top of the new DAM UI..

In Assets you could use a configurable widget to provide a message (example using html widget).

I'm not sure we will get to a more elegant solution in a short period of time, therefore i will shelve it for now.