Please increase URL EA field data type length - currently only 255 chars!

Diana Fournier 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by mary_k_james 10 months ago 6

We are using URL EAs as hyperlinks to the DAM that contain search expressions.  We then surface the URL EA on the aprimo task so the user can "click here" to see assets that are specific to those search criteria.

However, we encountered a length limitation on this field type that is preventing us from using these as needed.  Only 255 characters are supported!  Which as far as URLs go is not going to be nearly sufficient. 

Our only workaround is to programmatically create classifications but that carries with it significant overhead including a 'cleanup' job that removes the classifications when they are no longer needed, etc.

Can this field type please be increased asap?

Thank you!

Diana Fournier, Arthrex

Hi Eric,

No that would not work for us.  We are using this for when we want to give the user a specific search expression that links to the DAM.  For example in a Print task we would want to provide them a link to the DAM with the search expression passed to ElasticSearch.  Rough example in pseudocode:  AssetType = PrintQuotes AND active = Yes AND filetype = PDF AND CreationStatus = Cataloged

It works perfectly until the criterial create a search expression that bypass the 255 char limit.

This is urgent for our Cloud project because we have 5-7 examples of this.


This issue is frustrating to not be able to paste the vendor collection link in aprimo DAM to forward to vendor because the field length is too short. We are using bitly but the last time I used it, the links were broken there so were unable to be used. This would be SO helpful if these links were a) not so long, or b) fit the field.

Want to echo Lindsey Cooper's comment and add a little. I've spoken to several Art Directors about this very issue, and I, myself, have had to spend unnecessary time going to a third party site to shorten the URL then come back to Aprimo to enter. The amount of work that has to be done on a daily bases, it can add up to a lot of time. In addition mistakes can be made with going back and forth - the manual part of the task. In addition, the less we as users have to input the better. Often times we do not need to make it a collection so to HAVE to do that just to get the link smaller would be yet additional step that leads us back to the time+manual+poor ux issue. Thanks.  

Please make the character limit adjusted to be able to utilize the ADAM links. Otherwise that field is useless when sending art using the Aprimo DAM.


We can look at increasing the field length.

However, I am curious the use case about this.  If you could link a collection to the project would that remove the need for this approach?

Yes, this is a big issue for us as well. We have users going out to a third party software to shorten the link just so it can fit into the URL field in the task. Time consuming, manual and not a good user experience.