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Ability to View Search Criteria of a saved view

Greg 10 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by petra.tant 4 months ago 5

The Saved Views feature can be incredibly powerful, but as more users begin to adopt it and share views, it becomes impossible to keep track of what each view represents.  The names help, but when names become similar or are entered ambiguously it's difficult to keep track.  If there were a way to view the Search configuration it would be much easier to verify what each view will return, share the correct views to the correct users, and even efficiently audit usage views to keep the saved views library clean and usable. 

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We have a delay delivering this, but are still working on it. Current guestimate for delivery looks more like July time frame.

In Progress

We are currently redesigning Collection and Saved Views for the new DAM UI. Here the saved views will become true dynamic collections (saved search) where the search query will be editable afterwards.

Excellent, thank you for letting me know.  Is there an ETA on delivery for this functionality, or is the development still in its early stages?

We are targeting Q1-2020

Any updates on the current status of this feature?