Readability in new Work Request window

Bruce Howard 10 months ago in Productivity Management updated by Karthik Balakrishnan 5 months ago 3

With the inadvertent activation of the new Work Request function (Nov. 13, 2019), I received the following feedback (from a real user) regarding the readability in the new Work Request Window...

I was in the New Work Request functionality yesterday and noticed that the options in the drop down are difficult to read. (see your image below). I did not see a way to expand the window so the entire ‘Brand Creative….’ Line could be read. I was using Chrome and it showed even less of that line than your image below. I couldn’t see the words Print & Mail. My concern is confusion a new user may have if they can’t see those words.

My suggestions are:

- Display the option values in darker font to improve contrast

- Enable wider or expandable display of option values

For our part, we will evaluate the Category and Form titles to ensure that we can differentiate between values within the left most characters of each value.


I have received feedback from UX on how to update the modal as below.  We also have requests to display long form titles (that were getting cut off) and more room for Descriptions.  We are planning Work Request improvements now and I should have more info on when we can get this done soon.

Hi Amelia
Behalf of, As of now I am able to enter 150 characters in Work Request Form Display Name, But in New work request "Work request form" field displaying only 64 Characters now. Why?
with the enhancement how many characters this field going to display?

Our users are complaining about the same things.  We would be in agreement with the two suggestions.