Help Field next to ADAM metadata fields

Ailis Monaghan 12 months ago in Digital Asset Management updated by maygret.sternberger 6 months ago 6

This would allow for help field pop-out next to a metadata field similarly to the help field in MO. This would assist users who are uploading an asset and who are unsure of what to input to a field. Admins can enter the information about the field to assist users in uploading. 

We would also like to have such an ability. Our asset title for example should be created in a similar way like start with a brand name, followed by a year etc. Train this kind of naming conventions is very time consuming. Have a small example next to the field as mouse over tooltip or directly as gray example text within the field is often used in UIs and would help users to remember that rules.

I understand Aprimo is designing DAM that is easy enough to navigate without needing to reach out to help, but currently that is not the case. 

This feature is good idea and will benefit users. 


I definitely can see the value in this. Not sure we'll get around doing this soon, so i will shelve.

This will greatly aid User Experience IMHO - Make it configurable though (obviously)

Love this idea! We spend a lot of time educating users on how to fill out each field, even those that are option lists.