Event Data Link in UI

carson.hale 11 months ago in System Administration updated by Eric Teitsma 7 months ago 2

On Prem Aprimo we used to have a link to view the event data errors that occurred for troubleshooting.  In SaaS it appears this link has been removed.  We would like this to be available again as it is very helpful from a support stand point.  Thank you!


Christine is correct, that Event Data page was flagged by various customers during security assessments as a risk because it provided information that someone might able to leverage to exploit security.

We have added the report as mentioned.  There is are no current plans to add back the link right now.  Sorry.

From what I remember, this was ability was removed because a security risk.  But sometimes the link is there and clickable and sometimes it is not.  We don't need all of the unsecured messaging.  Just the portion that tells us what the issue is due to so that we don't have to open a ticket every time this happens.

There is a report that they have created for us that will provide the information that was included in the clickable link.  It has been very helpful for us to at least be able to see why the error occurred.  It is called: Event ID

But the clickable link is the preference.