Be able to configure MO landing page card columns as default

Kerry 12 months ago in Navigation and Home Page updated by Christine Mellick 8 months ago 3

As a Contributor or Librarian user, when first logging into Aprimo MO, I want to see the relevent columns already configured so that I do not lose time searching for the correct columns.

As is:  The default cards and layout can be configured as default, but NOT the columns

To be:  The default cards, layout and columns within cards are configured centrally and applied as a default

We would also like the option to stop certain user groups from configuring their own landing page.


Including the columns in the default layout is being discussed but not timing yet on it.

Regarding not allowing users to configure their own home page.  Can you give more context there or use cases?  What issues or concerns do you have with them doing it?

We have a specific setup for our users' Home Page that is part of onboarding a new user.  One of the steps is for them to "Reset Layout (Default)".  We don't want our users to deviate from that as it provides them useful functionality they wouldn't otherwise know how to configure.  Many of our users (Contributor users) are very challenged with using Streetlight and they don't feel it is "intuitive".  So allowing them to accidentally "configure" their own home page could be a problem.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your comments.  In our case, the list of available columns can be:

1- Too much information to select from (especially the activity related information, as the users are not in so deep in MO -they are use to only seeing the task inbox)

2- The extended attributes (usually the most useful) require some prior knowledge of where they would be. Currently the available columns looks a bit disorganised,

Ultimately, there are too many fields that would not make sense to people, and I am thinking we could  simplify this for them as the users would be using the same columns anyway.

I could go further and perhaps ask if a landing page could be configured per user group (as per DAM)..is that going too far? :-)

Kind regards