EAP - Updated Work Requests - Allow Contributor Ability to Initiate Chat

Alyssa T. 2 weeks ago in Productivity Management updated 2 weeks ago 1

With the 'Updated Work Request' FF, Contributors (Activity Requestors) can now access the Task List and Agile Board of their requests to better track the status of their Projects.

It would be nice to allow them to initiate a Chat, even if a thread has not yet been started, so that they can reach out to the Task Assignees to follow up on the status.

Our Contributors are finding that with the increased visibility - they are able to see where the bottlenecks are and would like to communicate with those users to find out why their project has not progressed. Unless a Chat Board has been opened already - they are unable to begin one.

@Amelia per our back and forth communication about this enhancement request. See here :)